Sean Spicer Just Called Malcolm Turnbull “Mr Trumble”; The US Is Officially Negging Us

"Trump has respect for the Australian people and Prime Minister Trumble."

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Remember at the start of the week when we thought Australia had embarrassed itself on the world stage by refusing to denounce Donald Trump’s immigration ban? The PM and his front bench were sending their praise and admiration to our cruel big brother who was finally “catching up to [us]”. Remember when we thought it couldn’t possibly get worse?

In the past 24 hours, Australia has turned from the US’ dopey and adoring younger sibling to a dopey and adoring younger sibling getting repeatedly dacked in front of all our mates and asking for more. Our PM has been publicly savaged by the most powerful man in the world, been humiliated with unfinished deals and unclear policies, and copped subsequent international scrutiny about his character and work.

As Australia has always been a crucial ally of the US, there’s been some damage control since then. Overnight, Donald Trump clarified he “loves Australia” and has a lot of “respect” for us. Unfortunately, just a few hours after he did this, the White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer stood up in front of a room of journalists and casually called the PM “Mr Trumble” — a name that sounds less like that of a human leader of a country and more like a well-dressed British frog in a kids’ cartoon.

“The President had a very cordial conversation with Mr Trumble,” Spicer said while clarifying the refugee deal should still go ahead with certain stipulations. “He has tremendous respect for the Prime Minister and the Australian people.”

“[Trump] has ensured that, while he has respect for the Australian people and Prime Minister Trumble, that we do not pose a threat to the United States of America.”

We’re through the looking glass, folks.

Naturally, Australians on Twitter are taking the news well:

Hopefully Mr Trumble can pick himself up for long enough to actually help the refugees who are affected by this whole mess.