Please Enjoy This TikTok Series That Perfectly Nails The “Rich White Lady” Movie Stereotype

It's not a good movie unless a white lady pensively stares into the distance while drinking a glass of wine.

Rich White Lady TikTok stereotype

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Almost every movie features a generic stock character as the basis for the plot.

Whether it’s the Damsel in Distress who is saved by Prince Charming, or the humble Everyman who is guided by the Wise Old Man, stereotypical characters are often needed to tell a good story.

One of the greatest movie stereotypes, however, is easily the Rich White Lady who seems to solve all her issues by ignoring her answering machine messages, grabbing a bottle of wine and looking pensively into the distance. So basically every Reese Witherspoon and Kate Hudson character ever.

But these stereotypes aren’t just limited to films, though. TV shows also use variations of the White Lady trope to push the plot along — and often with the extra layer of these rich women having children. Think of people like Beth Boland from Good Girls, Jen Harding from Dead To Me, or Lorelai Gilmore from Gilmore Girls, who all “work too hard” and end up neglecting their children or their love lives as a result.

Despite the generic stock character of Rich White Lady being so common and so damn predictable, the character still never seems to get old. In fact, TikTok user Nicholas Flannery has spent the last five days churning out the most stereotypical “Rich White Lady” scenes and has already amassed over 73 million views.

Appropriately paired with the Big Little Lies theme song, Flannery starts with the classic scene that is every exhausted white woman cracking open a bottle of wine and reheating a microwavable meal after a long day at work.

Flannery then quickly moves on to these rich women being far too emotional in their oversized closets and expensive vehicles, despite nothing really being wrong and with no explanation on how they could afford such luxuries after working a whole three hours.

Of course, Flannery also perfects all the “white lady going through a breakup” scenes, too. Featuring ignored voicemail messages from “mom”, way too many grocery bags full of carrots, emotional baths, and silent therapy sessions. The breakup clips are, of course, accompanied by more wine.

Naturally, the Rich White Lady with Kids stereotype is also covered with Flannery proving he deserves an Oscar for how he portrays the “rich white mom that works too hard and misses their child’s bedtime” along with “watching the nanny play with her kids”.

Already up to Part 13, I don’t think Nicholas Flannery has any plans to stop his “Rich White Lady” TikTok series any time soon so we can likely look forward to more bangers in the coming days — because, as we’ve seen, the source material is truly endless.

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