Taking The Piss Out Of Tame Impala-Loving “Indie Boys” Is TikTok’s Latest Obsession

"I'm going through some emotional trauma from when my seventh grade girlfriend dumped me...we can still bang though."

indie boys tiktok photo

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If you’ve ever been awkwardly held hostage at a party by a dude who insists you would never have heard of this cool underground band The 1975, then congratulations: you’ve encountered an indie boy.

You know the type: they have a penchant for beanies and shitty moustaches, love guitar noodlers like Kevin Parker and Mac DeMarco, have always just split from their band due to “creative differences”, and will almost always have a Spotify playlist called ‘VIBEZZ’. They occupy a similar dating ground to that of the softboi — but with added musical pretension.

These guys have been skewered for years by brilliant social accounts like Beam Me Up Softboi, and now TikTok has joined the party.

In recent months, stacks of videos have been thrown up absolutely shredding indie boys to bits, with accounts like @OMFGrant becoming almost entirely devoted to the phenomenon.

Firstly, there’s the ripping of the “obscure” musical taste:

Then there’s these, which rip on the emotional unavailability — and general gaslighting bullshit — of the stereotypical indie boy.

To lay it all out for you more clearly, there’s even a rap about them.

Now excuse me while I go slap my bass to ‘The Less I Know The Better’.