Queensland Nightclubs Are Reopening This Friday, But There’s One Big Catch

Well, this will be interesting.

nightclub coronavirus photo

While certain parts of Victoria are struggling to contain a surge in coronavirus infections, and the state once again implements lockdowns, it’s a very different story up in the Sunshine State.

Queensland is lifting a number of restrictions from noon this Friday, with up to 100 people being allowed to gather indoors, and up to 10,000 people allowed at events if a COVID-19 plan is in place.

Additionally, there will no longer be a limit on patron numbers in pubs, clubs, cafes, and restaurants — provided venues comply with a one person per four metre rule. Smaller venues, with floor space between 100 and 200 square metres, can have up to 50 people.

Music venues and nightclubs can also reopen — but with one very big catch. According to The Brisbane Times reporter Lydia Lynch, if you head to a nightclub in Queensland, you will have to remain seated. That is, no dancing unless you’re having a bop in your seat.

Helpfully, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said “you can listen to the music”, which is certainly a true fact, but that may not fill the void in clubbers’ hearts.

Predictably, the caveat delighted everyone on Twitter.

Some nightclubs in Europe have already been testing out seated and spaced dancefloors. Earlier this month, Doornroosje nightclub in the Netherlands hosted a short set with 30 people in attendance.

“It’s still very cool,” promoter Jonatan Brand tole Reuters. “People are still dancing, although they are on the chair, they’re fist-pumping, they’re moving their bodies, so — it’s great.”

And hey, it’s worth remembering that plenty of people already enjoy nightclubs while seated — so perhaps it’s time to get on board and practice some chair dancing.