Here’s What You Need To Know About Victoria’s Strict New Lockdown Rules

Bad news, Melbourne

Hosier Lane, Melbourne

Since last Thursday, 233 new cases of coronavirus cases have been detected in Victoria. They’re not officially saying it’s a second wave, but they’re not not saying that.

As a result, Victorian Premier Dan Andrews today announced they’ll be re-introducing strict new lockdown measures for some Melbourne postcodes that have been linked to the new outbreaks.

And if that doesn’t work, the entire state could go back into lockdown.

“I know this will be terribly disruptive and difficult but if everyone sticks to the rules and we see transmissions come down, then in four weeks the restrictions can lift,” the premier said in a statement.

From 11.59pm tomorrow people who live in 10 “hot zones” will be forced to go back to Stage 3 stay at home restrictions until July 29.

People from 3038, 3064, 3047, 3060, 3012, 3032, 3055, 3042, 3021 and 3046 will only be allowed outside for four reasons; shopping for food and supplies, caregiving, exercise, or study and work (if you can’t do it from home).

All businesses in these areas that have recently reopened will also be restricted again — cafes and restaurants, for example, will only be open for takeaway and delivery.

“And for everyone outside these zones: please, be smart, be safe and pay attention to the directions. If you don’t then your local area might be next into lockdown and no one wants that,” Andrews said.

“Very clearly, this is not where we wanted to be. I understand people are tired. We’re all frustrated. We all just want things to go back to how they once were. And the sooner we all do the right thing, the sooner we can beat this.”

Police will also be out enforcing the restrictions.

Quarantine Failure

Today the Chief Health Officer advised the premier that a number of cases over the last few weeks can be linked to an infection control breach in the hotels where overseas travellers were being quarantined.

As a result, Andrews has established an inquiry which will report back in eight to 10 weeks.

He’s also asked Prime Minister Scott Morrison to divert flights to other cities for the next two weeks while they reset their hotel quarantine, “under the supervision of Corrections Victoria”.

The premier said while they managed to test around 93,000 people in just five days, it hasn’t been enough.

“Too many people are still going out when they’re sick. Too many people are ignoring rules about physical distancing and pretending restrictions don’t matter. Yet still, somehow, more than a thousand people, when asked, refused to be tested. It shows us that still, somehow, too many people are not taking this seriously.”

Today Queensland also announced they would re-open their borders to everyone except travellers from Victoria, while South Australia has scrapped plans to re-open its Victorian border on July 20.

So remember every, we’re not out of the woods yet — stay safe, and wash your damn hands.