People Are Taking The Piss Out Of A Chiropractor Who Claimed The Pfizer Vaccine “Causes Harm”

"I took the Pfizer v-a-c-c-i-n-e and now my honkers are massive."

"This Is From The Pfizer V-a-c-c-i-n-e" Meme

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Over the weekend, vocal anti-vaxxer and Nebraska-based chiropractor, Ben Tapper, tweeted out a video of a woman who had allegedly been suffering from side effects of the Pfizer vaccine.

Grabbing the video from the Facebook account of random Louisiana resident, Brant Griner, “Dr” Tapper shared the footage to his 13,000 Twitter followers to prove that the Pfizer “shots cause harm”.

“This is from the Pfizer v-a-c-c-i-n-e. Please understand these shots cause harm. Injury is REAL and not rare,” Tapper captioned his tweet, which has since been deleted by Twitter for violating site rules.

“It’s a shame these poor people are being gaslighted, and social media giants are censoring them.”

In the original Facebook post, Griner alleges that his mother had developed uncontrollable shakes after taking the Pfizer vaccine.

“Be cautious about taking the vaccine. I’m sure it is good for some people, but you need to think about is this vaccine worth taking? It’s not for me,” Griner said, before updating his post five days later with no actual information beyond shouting at people to not take the vaccine.

“Her symptoms have not gone away and she is starting to worry that this may not go away any time soon. She wants everyone to know this before taking this vaccine.”

These videos of Pfizer vaccine side effects have begun to mysteriously pop up on social media as the number of  “elderly people with serious basic disorders” dying after receiving the vaccine has increased in recent days.

As it currently stands, 29 elderly people with serious underlying health conditions have died after receiving the Pfizer vaccine in Norway. That is 29 people out of the 42,000 people who have received at least one dose of the vaccine in the country.

In the US, there have been only 21 cases of severe allergic reactions in the 1.9 million doses already distributed into the community. For context, an average of 1,074 people die every day from COVID-19 in the US — none of which have been a result of the Pfizer vaccine.

Yet, despite the small number of deaths and adverse reactions to the Pfizer vaccine, anti-vaxxers like chiropractor Ben Tapper have taken to Twitter to stir up fear by using the title of Dr in their social media handles.

For example, in a follow-up tweet to his fear-mongering vaccine video, Tapper went on to call COVID-19 “corona propaganda” and shared unverified tales of having “met many families that have lost a child to vaccine injury” despite not working as a medical doctor, as his Twitter handle would imply.

Naturally when the internet took notice of the chiropractor essentially masquerading as a medical doctor, Ben Tapper was dragged through the mud. As an actual real-life paediatrician, who focuses on the treatment and vaccination of children, Dr Nicole Baldwin shut down Tapper’s claims of “vaccine injury” leading to death in two short sentences.

“As a medical doctor that sees and vaccinates kids daily, I haven’t ever met a family that lost a child due to vaccines,” Dr Baldwin responded. “I have, however, met families that lost a child due to a vaccine-preventable disease.”

Beyond being shut down by real medical doctors, “Dr” Ben Tapper was also turned into a meme, like most dickheads online are.

Very quickly, Tapper’s original caption became a copypasta that was slapped onto random videos of other people violently shaking — violently shaking their asses, mostly.

Mocking the entire concept of Ben Tapper’s fear-mongering tweet and the accompanying video, “This is from the Pfizer v-a-c-c-i-n-e. Please understand these shots cause harm. Injury is REAL and not rare. It’s a shame these poor people are being gaslighted, and social media giants are censoring them,” was paired with a number of videos of people dancing and moving their bodies jerkily.

Honestly, if the Pfizer vaccine gives any side effects like this, just inject me now.