A Rabbi Claimed The COVID-19 Vaccine Makes You Gay, Now The Internet Wants To Be Vaccinated

"Can you get gay twice? Sign me up!"


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First, let’s set the record straight, there is zero evidence the Pfizer vaccine will make anybody gay. The much-anticipated vaccine will have many positive impacts on your social life. But altering who you’re attracted to is not one of them.

This didn’t stop Israeli Rabbi Daniel Asor taking to the internet last weekend to warn his listeners “any vaccine made using an embryonic substrate, and we have evidence of this, causes opposite tendencies.”

Asor’s assertions have no basis in fact.  The embryonic substrate is a protein used to program immune response in the body. It does not impact sexuality.

Newspaper Israel Hayom also reports that this isn’t the first time Asor has made outlandish claims about vaccines or COVID-19. His claims go directly against decrees from leading Rabbis around the world, who have all been encouraging the Jewish community to take all precautions against the virus.

The spread anti-vaccination propaganda, particularly propaganda that is homophobic is no laughing matter. However, if there’s one thing gay Twitter is good at, it’s making the best of a homophobic conspiracy.

Even gay icon, Lil Nas X quote tweeted the article claiming, “he’s not lying, this is me before and after the vaccine. not enough people are speaking up about this.” The caption accompanied a photo of Nas holding up his wrist, referencing the long-held stereotype of gay men as limp-wristed.

Other celebrities, including Queer Eye‘s Bobby Berk retweeted the article exclaiming, “I could really use a booster TBH. Being gay is exhausting!”

Others were asking hard questions. If the vaccine makes you gay, but you’re already gay- what happens? Do they cancel each other out? Or make you even gayer?

What about bisexuals? Does the vaccine eliminate bisexual attraction to other genders? These are all very serious questions currently circulating gay twitter right now.

Many straight people also reacted amiably. One Twitter user even said, “Well that’s fine. I don’t want to die and being gay looks pretty fabulous. My wife might be a bit miffed about it but she’d definitely rather her son’s father was gay than dead.”

Once again, these jokes are all in good fun. There is no evidence that any COVID-19 vaccine affects your sexuality by giving you “opposite tendencies” or otherwise.

Merryana Salem is a proud Wonnarua and Lebanese–Australian critic, teacher, researcher and podcaster on most social media as @akajustmerry. If you want, check out her podcast, GayV Club where she gushes about LGBT rep in media with her best friend. Either way, she hopes you ate something nice today.