Whenever I’m Sad I Go On Facebook Marketplace To Look At People Struggling To Sell Their Mirrors

Oh, to have the confidence of an old person not having to hide from their mirror to take a pic.

people selling mirrors

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There are very few things in life that bring me pure joy: Puppies when they do the head tilt thing, floating in the still ocean on a hot day, and watching people struggle to sell their mirrors online.

As we’ve been stuck inside with nothing to really do over the last few months, I decided to dabble into the world of DIY. Specifically, I was interested in making that really ugly, almost intestine-looking foam mirror that’s been going viral recently.

To do this, I needed a used mirror to practice on. So I set my sights on Facebook Marketplace, truly the most cursed place in the world. As I scrolled, I quickly noticed and no one seems to know how to take a normal photo of a mirror without awkwardly trying to not be in the shot – and honestly, it’s incredible.

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Credit: @Staff Member / Facebook Marketplace

If you’re in the Wollongong area, you can score yourself this mighty fine large mirror for $20, that someone’s mum with a wallet phone case managed to get a pretty good pic of. Or if that’s not your style, this Queensland woman tried the reach-and-click technique in order to sell her $50 vintage mirror.

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@Iesha Tai / Facebook Marketplace

Honestly, there’s something magical about watching innocent people try to avoid their reflection being shown at any and all costs. The sheer lengths people will go to get their mirrors sold without any photos of themselves going out into the world is admirable. Ultimately futile, but admirable.

And I’m not the only one who finds it amusing either. There’s an entire sub-Reddit — r/Mirrorsforsale — dedicated to the world’s worst best attempts at selling mirrors on Facebook Marketplace. From peeking behind doors to using paper to hide their identities, Mirrors For Sale is truly a joy to see.

r/Mirrorsforsale - My buddy is trying to sell his mirror as he fixes up his bathroom.

u/Madjinn / Reddit

r/Mirrorsforsale - The paper will protect you Karen!

u/Tomofthegwn / Reddit

The craze has even found its way to TikTok, where reacting to “people selling mirrors” has become its own trend in recent weeks.

While most have learned the sneaky technique of taking their photos at angle to prevent themselves from being seen, sometimes people just stop giving a fuck all together.

Honestly, old people have no shame, with their only goal being to get the best shot of the mirror they’re selling — even if that means being the main focus of the photo.

Take Leora from Rockingham, WA, for example, who not only managed to get her full body and iPad in her absolute bargain of a white-framed mirror, but also surrounded the shot with greenery for that outside mirror selfie garden aesthetic. Iconic, really.

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@Leora Carey / Facebook Marketplace

Or this extremely happy English man from Derby, who even took a squat stance to make sure he could get in the pic instead of just slanting his phone down to capture the mirror.

I, for one, will take any and all of these mirror sale photos, whether the person wants to be in the pic or not.

Thank you for your service, mirror owners of the world.