Paul Kelly Went On Last Night’s ‘Hard Chat’ And It Was Absolutely Brutal

"You've won 14 ARIA Awards. Do you wish you could win an award that was good?"

Paul Kelly Hard Chat

Not even Australia’s most beloved songwriter is safe from the perils of Tom Gleeson’s ‘Hard Chat’.

Last night, Paul Kelly jumped into the hot seat on The Weekly to suffer Gleeson’s questions about his career, his upcoming album Nature, and whether he’ll ever be as popular as Neil Finn.

Gleeson got stuck in right off the bat, asking Kelly whether releasing 40 albums in 37 years was a matter of “quantity over quality.” He went on to question Kelly about writing a prequel to his iconic song ‘How To Make Gravy’, potentially titled ‘How To Make Meth.’

To his great credit, Kelly handled all of Gleeson’s arrows with aplomb — at one point, when Gleeson asked whether Kelly is Australia’s version of Bob Dylan (only more annoying), Kelly snaps back that Bob Dylan is actually America’s version of him.

Watch the full video below. Kelly’s new album Nature will hit shelves on October 12.