James Blunt Went On ‘Hard Chat’ And More Than Lived Up To His Name

"I'm really hopeful that ISIS are going to claim responsibility for my music soon."

Say what you will about James Blunt’s music, but at least he’s got a sense of humour about himself. The singer-songwriter behind ‘You’re Beautiful’ and also some other songs, presumably, Blunt is best known these days for taking the piss out of himself and others on Twitter.

Given that, it’s not really surprising that he made for a perfect foil opposite Tom Gleeson on the latest edition of ‘Hard Chat’.

Gleeson, for his part, took less than five seconds to get going, introducing his guest as “one hit wonder James Blunt,” before asking if the music video to ‘You’re Beautiful’ ends in a suicide “because [the character] had just heard the song.”

But Blunt was more than up for the challenge. Asked whether he’d needed Ed Sheeran to “fix” his latest album, Blunt insisted that he taught Sheeran “everything he knows.” He also said he was hoping ISIS would “claim responsibility” for his music soon, adding that it would help “get him off the hook.”

Based on his performance, I think we can expect Blunt to be named the next Bachelor any day now.