The Greens Have Expertly Trolled Conservatives With Their Christmas Message

Merry War on Christmas!

Nick McKim War on Christmas

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Merry War on Christmas! It’s that most wonderful time of the year when conservatives complain that you can’t say “Christmas” any more because of bloody political-correctness-gone-mad, despite the word “Christmas” being plastered on every available surface.

Never one to miss a trolling opportunity, a couple of Greens Senators have taken the chance to wish everyone a “merry non-denominational seasonal festivity” and boy oh boy, people are mad.

One of the senators involved, Tasmanian Nick McKim, has form for this. He pissed off conservatives at Easter by treating his staff to some “halal-certified holiday eggs and warmed non-denominational cinnamon flavoured geometrically decorated seasonal fruit buns.”

For Christmas, McKim and fellow Tasmanian Peter Whish-Wilson have placed a banner in McKim’s office, along with the words “sorry Eric”, which is presumably a reference to super-religious Tasmanian Senator Eric Abetz.

The comments on the post are a wild ride as punters chime in to accuse McKim of being un-Australian and un-Christian, to which the Senator simply replies “… Merry Christmas”

It’s not just Facebook punters who are mad. Conservative News Corp columnist Andrew Bolt is Very Upset about the whole thing. He’s called McKim “Christphobic” and a “cultural vandal”.

No to be outdone, Treasurer Scott Morrison has taken time out from a busy week preparing the mid-year fiscal and economic outlook to brand the Greens a bunch of “pathetic muppets”!

“The Greens are actually opposed to Christmas! For many millions of Australians Christmas is a very spiritual time of year and central to their religious faith. For Members of Parliament to treat this important religious occasion with such disrespect is as offensive as it is disappointing,” ScoMo said.

“Grow up and show some respect to your fellow Australians. You may not share their views or their beliefs, but as elected members the least you could do is not mock them, especially during a time of year that is very important to them.”

Scott Morrison

Of course, the Greens don’t actually hate Christmas, they just love trolling people who think Christianity is under attack in Australia despite it being the most popular religion by a wide margin.

We asked Nick McKim why he is the way he is, and he told us the banner was “pretty clear satire aimed at the so-called war on Christmas, which we are yet to see any evidence of.”

“I won’t accept any pointers about values from a man who sent hundreds of innocent men, women and children to endure years of torturous conditions in Australia’s Nauru prison. But despite all this, I wish Scott Morrison and Andrew Bolt the merriest possible Christmas.”

A Merry War on Christmas to all!