The Best Meme Reactions To The Supremely Cooked ‘Detective Pikachu’ Trailer

"Detective Pikachu reminded me that life is short and one day a horrible flesh man with flesh hair might dash out of an alleyway and kill me while grunting its own name."

Detective Pikachu Trailer Horrifying

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I think it’s safe to say none of us were prepared for the Detective Pikachu trailer that dropped overnight. Sure the film was announced a while back and so a trailer was obviously expected, but I’m talking morally and philosophically. We weren’t ready. We never could have been.

The arrival of a Ryan Reynold’s voiced Pikachu with realistic CGI fur and the various other visual atrocities the trailer brought with it have left Pokemon fans and general internet lurkers with more questions than we’d like.

If this Pikachu can talk does this mean all pokemon have fully fledged consciousnesses as well? Are they aware humans have enslaved them for reasons of mainly bloodlust? What’s up with Jigglypuff’s nightmarish fur? Does Mr. Mime fuck?

The moral quandaries presented by the Detective Pikachu trailer will need to be explored and dealt with by our foremost minds over the coming months, ideally concluding with those responsible tried at the Hague. Until then we’ve gathered the best internet reactions to the new trailer for your bewilderment and joy below.

First up, is people trying to deal with this new, possibly horny, version of everyone’s most beloved lightning rat.

Mr. Mime has also fucked up a whole lot of people’s days with his horrifyingly realistic (?) fleshy CGI.

And because all good horsemen of the apocalypse come in fours, Jigglypuff and Psyduck too were brought to life to haunt our nightmares for the rest of time:

There you have it. The new Detective Pikachu trailer has not only sent us all on a downward spiral of haunting ennui but has also made us extremely horny for the fake magic animals.

I need to log off for a while.