Watch This Meghan Markle Shit Talker Get Called Out On British TV For Literally Making Things Up

"If you wanted to attack me you shouldn't have invited me on."

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After the recent death of Queen Elizabeth, Meghan Markle is back in the UK; which means that the local press is busy scrutinising her every move. But one vocal Markle critic has finally got some pushback.

Royal biographer Angela Levin has been busy this year — deriding Markle with such vitriol that you’d think the woman murdered her firstborn child. After Markle’s recent profile in The Cut, Levin described her as “rude” and “arrogant”, while peddling a narrative of Markle as a femme fatale who used her witchy powers to turn Harry against his family.

While Markle and Prince Harry famously now live in the US, they recently returned to London to greet mourners with Kate Middleton and Prince William, which Levin was annoyed by, too. But on the UK television channel TalkTV, host Vanessa Feltz seemingly had enough after Levin called her ‘unfit’ to be a part of the royal family.

“Do you think you’ve been a bit harsh, one woman to another?” Feltz posed. “You’ve just used the phrase, ‘she’s not fit’ to be part of the royal family, yet you saw her there, consoling her husband… being gracious and charming and looking decorate and delightful; why would you describe her as being ‘unfit’ for royal duties?”

“Because she doesn’t want to behave as though she’s wife of the sixth in the line to the throne,” a flustered Levin managed. “She likes to lead; she likes it to be all about her. She wants to be out there in front.”

“She just hated it, she hated being told what to do, she hated the protocols, so that’s why I don’t think she’s right for it at all.”

“Angela,” Feltz later returned, “do you feel any guilt that you have been responsible for fuelling a kind of anti-Meghan faction, that has been spiteful and targeting, and possibly fanciful as well? I mean, quite a lot of what has been said about her has been pretty much manufactured anyway.”

Levin attempted to soldier on, responding: “Talking to Oprah Winfrey was a disgrace, there were at least 17 lies there, I think she’s attacked the royals unnecessarily… I think she’s changed Harry to be a sort of walking victim.”

When Feltz pushed back on her comments, Levin responded, “I don’t have to justify myself to you. I’m not in court”.

“I spent 15 months with Prince Harry, the Prince Harry I knew was absolutely charming, instinctive like his mother, and now he looks when he’s out incredibly unhappy, and very very tense and resentful.”

Feltz returned, “I wonder if you’re rehashing that kind of biblical story we’ve heard before of the evil temptress and the trusting and vulnerable man who is gullible and malleable in her hands, and I wonder if it’s based on any knowledge of her personality and what she truly feels. Because after all, how do you know? How can any of us really know?”

“If you wanted to attack me you shouldn’t have invited me on,” Levin huffed back. “You’ve got an agenda to attack me.”

While Feltz’s no-bullshit approach response to Levin’s abuse of Meghan was refreshing, it’s worth noting that TalkTV has given the biographer a platform to broadcast her thoughts many times before.

Watch the full interview below.

Photo credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images