Matt Canavan Has Also Bitten Into A Raw Onion With The Skin On

He seems to be under the impression that Tony Abbott is a role model?

Matt Canavan

It’s been 1,494 days since then-Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott, did verily chomp into a raw fucking onion with the skin on and everything. Today, we regret to inform you that the onion chomping counter has been reset to zero, because Liberal senator Matt Canavan just did the exact same thing.

I guess the Liberal Party really doesn’t learn from its mistakes? Matt Canavan, in particular, certainly seems to think Tony Abbott is a role model. Then again, given Matt Canavan’s track record, maybe following in Abbott’s onion-eating footsteps really is a step up.

After all, Canavan is the guy who, as Resources Minister, told the public it was “such an honour to represent the Australian mining sector“, even though this is exactly the opposite of what he was meant to be doing.

Anyway, Canavan posted a video to Twitter yesterday where, despite no one asking, he let us know that “I’ve never done this before, but I’ve always been interested in what it tastes like”. He then raises an onion, in case the context is unclear, and takes a big juicy mouthful.

“Yeah, it’s not as bad as I thought,” he concludes, after chewing thoughtfully for a moment. It’s riveting stuff.

Canavan’s not even the only politician to resort to Eating Food Weirdly For Attention this early in the election — Jacqui Lambie has also been out on the campaign trail posting pictures of herself eating some kind of sausage.

There’s still 33 gruelling days of this election to suffer through.

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