A Former Minister Said He’s Been Representing The Mining Sector This Whole Time

Thought you were supposed to be representing Australians, mate?

Matt Canavan

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Now-former Minister For Resources And Northern Australia posted on Facebook today saying it has “been such an honour to represent the Australian mining sector over the past year”. Uh, mate, you’re supposed to be representing the people of Queensland and Australia.

In case you’ve missed the current clusterfuck, Canavan had to step down as a minister on Tuesday after it was revealed his mum had supposedly quietly signed him up as a dual Italian-Australian citizen.

Now Canavan was the Resources Minister, so he of course worked closely with the mining sector, but he’s also the government’s most enthusiastic backer of the controversial Adani mine in central Queensland, and coal mining in general. He just loves the stuff.

So his comment that he was representing the Australian mining sector while working as a federal senator should come as no surprise — he even posted a photo of himself in hi-vis gear and a hard hat emblazoned with the logo of a Queensland coal company.

Here’s the full post:

Matt Canavan Facebook post

The comment did not go down well on Twitter.

Canavan finished his message by saying he “might be back!” in the Cabinet one day.