Mark Ronson Has Joined In On The ‘folklore’ Memes With His Own Very, Very Funny Video

It contains the phrase, "gimme that 'Bloodbuzz Ohio' shit."

Taylor Swift and Mark Ronson

Taylor Swift’s folklore, a trembling document of isolation and love, has inspired a bounty of very, very silly memes.

That’s how the world goes, these days. The more emotionally honest a work is, the more we all decide to reciprocate that honesty with ridiculousness. Is that a coping mechanism, designed to distance ourselves from raw and personal aspects of our character? Undoubtedly. Does it make said memes any less funny? Not at all.

And hey, it turns out that celebrities aren’t above getting involved in such amusing distractions either. See, last night, Mark Ronson, one of the geniuses behind ‘Uptown Funk’ and a legend in his own right, decide to offer his own folklore meme. And wouldn’t you know it: it’s goddamn hilarious.

See, Ronson took an old clip of himself and Taylor Swift having a yarn way back in 2016, and redub the dialogue so the pair appear to be talking about…. Well, let’s not ruin the punchline. Just watch the thing, you’ll see.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m just going to be incorporating the phrase “gimme that ‘Bloodbuzz Ohio’ shit” into everything I do from now on.