Magda Szubanski Just Dunked On Pete Evans’ Deadshit Fans For Fat-Shaming Her

Pete Evans called the ad "brainwashing" and "offensive", but also thinks that we can get healthy by "spreading love" and "singing".

magda szubanski pete evans covid-19

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Since Magda Szubanski’s coronavirus safety ad was shared to social media, she’s been targeted by COVID-19 conspiracy theorists.

Reprising her role of netball-loving Sharon Strzelecki from Kath and Kim, Szubanski simply reminds Victorians to take the virus seriously in the 40-second government public health campaign.

“I am so over this lockdown… but you know what? It’s not the lockdown that’s the enemy, it’s the virus,” a masked Sharon says in the ad. “The sooner we obey the rules, the sooner this will all be over and we can get back to the stuff that really matters.”

But instead of people taking the light-hearted ad for what it was, COVID-19 deniers got angry that Szubanski was buying into the “plandemic” and claimed the campaign was a “waste of tax-payer’s money”.

On Today, Szubanski shared the magnitude of the attacks she was getting, with e-security telling her it was “some of the worst trolling that they had seen”.

“I’ve been called everything from a puppet of the communist party to a Nazi responsible for the murders of the people,” she explained. “Being accused of being a supporter of lockdown and thereby causing murders is pretty confronting.”

However, it wasn’t until “alternative health” advocate, conspiracy theory lover and resident dickhead, Pete Evans, spoke about the campaign to his 1.5 million Facebook fans, that the attacks against Magda Szubanski got personal.

In his post alongside a picture of Szubanski, Evans claimed that the government-run ads are “offensive and disgraceful” and are simply a tool for “brainwashing… children and families in [Victoria].”

After suggesting that “spreading love, being free, eating anti-inflammatory healthy food, hugging each other, playing, singing and getting outdoors” would be the key to getting people healthy, Evans’ deadshit fans started to fat-shame Szubanski for her involvement in the campaign.

Calling her a “mentally-ill cow”, a “morbidly obese ranga” and likening the actress to the pig from Babe — who, for reference for those who just don’t get it, is called Babe hence the name of the film — Pete Evans’ fans went all in on Szubanski.

In response, Szubanski shut down Pete Evans and his sheep very quickly. Sharing a photo of her Polish grandmother — who herself was a fat nurse who helped protect the Jewish people from Nazis — the actress noted that fat people can definitely be involved in discussions about public health.

Dunking on Pete Evans specifically, Szubanski then shit all over the celebrity chef’s love for alternative therapies.

Sharing a story about her father, who himself tried to use alternative techniques to cure his cancer before Pete Evans was even born, Szubanski noted that her dad ultimately had to get surgery proving that good food and frolicking outside just isn’t enough.

Rounding out her criticism of the celebrity chef and his alternative eating, Magda Szubanski took the high-road and invited Pete Evans to chat about her weight — but only if he could prove that his ~alternative health~ techniques actually worked. Long term.