Channel 7 Has Sacked Notorious Dickhead Pete Evans From His $800k A Year Job

Pete Evans has appeared on all 11 seasons of 'My Kitchen Rules'.

Pete Evans supported an anti-vaxxer podcast

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Channel 7 has reportedly parted ways with celebrity chef and “alternative health” advocate, Pete Evans, which seems like a good idea imho.

Pete Evans has appeared on all 11 seasons of My Kitchen Rules since 2010, and according to this article, is rumoured to have been on an $800,000 contract.

TV Blackbox claimed “the separation was an amicable decision” and that Evans will now focus on his ‘alternative lifestyle’ empire. It’s understood that Channel 7 will not be proceeding with future series of My Kitchen Rules.

The decisions comes after Evans — who has a history of pushing conspiracy theories about 5g, vaccinations, and sunscreen — recently came under fire for selling a $15,000 device known as a biocharger, to help cure Coronavirus.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Evans described the device as a “hybrid subtle energy revitalisation platform” which can “optimise and improve potential health, wellness and athletic performance”.

In a separate livestream, Evans also claimed the device was “programmed with a thousand different recipes and a couple on there for Wuhan coronavirus”, according to The Guardian.

For this, Evans was slapped with $25,000 in fines by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

There has been no official statement from Channel 7 about the split yet.