This Aussie Artist Turned A Viral Tweet About Predictable Pop Music Into A Song, And It Slaps

Uh, we're going to need the full version ASAP.


It’s easy to parody pop music, but it’s hard to perfect it (ahem, Vox Lux and A Star Is Born‘s soundtracks). But Adelaide artist Lonelyspeck is up to the challenge, having taken a tweet of cliché lyrics and turned it into a certifiable banger.

After comedian Steven Phillips-Horst (who has a very good, meth-y Antoni from Queer Eye impersonation) tweeted out his incredibly accurate version of the lyrics of “every song”, Lonelyspeck messed around and created a song about being high and drunk but not too drunk or high, but definitely alone and not popular, despite being very famous and cool.

The result is dreamy: Lonelyspeck, aka Sione Teumohenga, specialises in reverb-heavy post-rock pop, gives their voice some twinkling autotune, and then gives that final line, “even tho I’m a pop star”, a massive synth-drop that needs to be in a real song ASAP.

After sliding into Lonelyspeck’s DMs, they told us the song took about an hour to make in Ableton.

“I was just sitting at my computer and saw the tweet and was like “haha what if…”, and just decided to follow that thought and got a bit carried away,” they said. “I really enjoy setting myself random little songwriting challenges like that though, it’s a good way to keep myself ‘creatively active’, so to speak.”

If this is the result, we demand more challenges. But we’re not exactly surprised — earlier this month, we shouted Lonelyspeck as one to watch in 2020. Their Abyssal Body EP from last year proved they’re one of Australia’s most exciting producers, blending a love of nu-metal, post-rock and pop into an angelic, seamless package.

Essentially, we’re writing this up because you need to hear this song, and as a way to bully Teumohenga into making the pop banger it hints at. ‘Every Song’ for Hottest 100 2020?