Watch The Moment Logan Paul Learns He Spent $3 Million Dollars On Fake Pokémon Cards

"We all got duped."


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Controversial YouTuber-turned-boxer Logan Paul has been scammed out of 3.4 million US dollars trying to buy Pokemon cards.

Last Thursday Logan Paul posted a video to his YouTube channel revealing he was scammed out of over USD$3 million. In the video, he explains he paid the millions for a box of what he believed were sealed first edition Pokémon cards.

Along with his friend Bolillo Lajan San, a known card collector, the video shows Paul at the Baseball Card Exchange (BBCE) headquarters in Chicago. The BBCE is known for authenticating collectors cards.

At the start of the video, the experts from BBCE do seem convinced by the boxes’ outside packaging. However, once they open the box it becomes clear something is wrong.

“Why are they so puffy? See how they’re shaped all… they don’t look great,” said one of the verifiers. “See how they’re curvy and puffy. They’re very light… they don’t look right.”

The box, which had been allegedly sealed since purchase, is opened to reveal GI Joe trading cards. However your day is going, be thankful you didn’t spend the equivalent of 4.8 million Australian dollars on fake Pokémon cards.

“I’m a super-positive person, bro, and I’m always the one to look on the bright side, and I’m trying, but this is so hard,” said Paul post the discovery.

Many people online posted their doubts of the boxes’ authenticity back in December when Paul posted pictures of the purchase. According to other collectors, the box didn’t resemble those of the same edition, leading Paul to head to the BBCE for authentication in the first place.

“We all got duped,” says the owner of the BBCE in the video. Not exactly a line that inspires confidence when the owner of a card collecting authentication company admits being fooled. But it would be far from the first time Logan Paul has dragged down others in his videos for his own gain.