Watch Liam Gallagher Lose His Shit On Stage After Having A Fish Thrown At Him

I guess the fan though Liam was out of tuna.

Liam Gallagher Dead Fish

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Being an ageing rock star is hard sometimes. Often there’s no one around to make your tea backstage. Sometimes you’re forced to listen to dance music. And sometimes, just sometimes, you get a dead fish thrown at you on stage.

At least, this seems to Liam Gallagher’s lot in life.

The former Oasis singer was midway through his set at Spain’s Internacional de Benicàssim Festival on Sunday when a curiously prepared fan straight up hurled a dead fish at him. It didn’t hit him — instead it landed rather pitifully in front of his guitarist, who pointed it out to Liam — but he lost his shit regardless.

“So which dickhead threw the fish here, then?” he immediately snapped at the crowd. “Fuckin’ stinky, smelly fish, man? [My set] ain’t that fuckin’ bad. Don’t be throwing fish on stage mate, I’ve seen a lot worse than this shit.”

He continued to swear at the crowd and shake his maracas at them for a brief minute, before ushering out a poor roadie to remove the offending fish. Finally, they got on with the job of playing through the old Oasis classic ‘Cigarettes and Alcohol’. Thankfully, an audience member captured the entire incident — watch it below.

Speaking of Oasis, last week Liam threw down the proverbial gauntlet to his estranged brother Noel, declaring on Twitter that it’s time for Oasis to finally reunite. The band acrimoniously split back in 2009, following a physical fight backstage in Paris. In the years since, the brothers have frequently sniped at each other in the press, blaming the other for the band’s breakdown.

It’s hardly the first time the prospect of the reunion has been bandied about, so we shouldn’t expect much. But, as Galadriel once said in Lord of the Rings, “hope remains”.