Alyssa Milano Is Excited That Jill Biden, Another White Woman, Is The “First Italian” FLOTUS

"POC in the White House (Person Of Colonialism)."

Jill Biden Italian American Alyssa Milano

Beyond the joyous news that Donald Trump won’t serve a second term, there has been some great wins for diversity in the last few days.

With Joe Biden winning the run for President, Kamala Harris made history as the first woman, and first woman of colour, elected as Vice President. In equally exciting news, AOC was re-elected, Delaware appointed the nation’s first openly transgender state senator, and in New York, two openly gay Black men were elected into congress.

However, the best display of diversity, according to Charmed actress Alyssa Milano, is finally some good, old fashioned representation for *checks notes* white women!

Yep, with all the celebration for actual diversity going on in politics at the moment, Milano found it important to note that Dr Jill Biden will be the “first Italian-American in the White House”. Finally! Some real representation!

I mean this with no disrespect to Jill Biden, who is a great educator and advocate for women, but she is not a woman of colour, regardless of whether her grandfather emigrated from Sicily or not. And despite what Alyssa Milano may think, Italian-Americans are still white.

But in some defence of Alyssa Milano, she did also celebrate Kamala Harris getting elected and thanked BIPOC for their much needed votes before sharing her excitement for Italian-American representation.

However, Milano did ultimately make the decision to tweet about Jill Biden being Italian, so she was still mercilessly and deservedly mocked for her baffling celebration of another white woman in the White House.

Honestly, three cheers for Dr Jill Biden — the first Italian-American woman in the White House, who has completely changed what POC stands for forever!