Jacqui Lambie Claims Nick Xenophon Once Took Her On A Shit Date To KFC

"It's 50 Shades of [Parliament]."

It turns out Barnaby Joyce wasn’t the only politician looking for love in the horrible partisan corridors of Parliament House. Former federal senator Jacqui Lambie is now claiming that fellow former senator Nick Xenophon once took her on a date…to KFC.

Lambie shared the story in an interview on Brisbane’s hit105 radio station yesterday, while bemoaning the experience of being single while everyone else in Parliament seemed to be having a real good time.

“It’s 50 Shades of Parly,” she told the interviewers, “I’m out at the wrong time mate, I tell you. I just can’t win on this single stuff. I’m single when everything’s playing up in Parly, I’m going gee, there really is no god up there is there, fair go.”

The interviewers then asked her whether there’s anyone in Parliament she’d want to bang, and that’s where things got…interesting.

“Oh nah mate, calm down they’re all suits up there. Calm down. Absolutely not, no no no,” she began, then paused to reflect. “I did try with Nick Xenophon once but y’know, he took me on a cheap date, cheapskate he is, to Kentucky Fried Chicken so that was it, that was the finish of Nick then”.

The interviewer then asked if she’s jealous now that she’s seen his campaign song, and, well, yeah. “Oh I know, she said.”

“If he had have taken you to a nice restaurant you may have gone all the way with Nick Xenophon, then?” the hosts asked.

“I may have changed my mind, he may have got to first base, who knows?” Lambie answered.

We’ve reached out to Nick Xenophon’s team (not to be confused with the Nick Xenophon Team) to see if the story’s accurate, but we haven’t heard back from them yet. Xenophon, has, however, just appeared on hit105 himself to share his side of the story, and he says that while it definitely happened, it wasn’t a date.

“I think to call it a date would be like to call this interview flirting,” he said. “It wasn’t a date. But Jacqui’s a great mate of mine, I was in north-western Tasmania, the only place that was open was KFC, and I lashed out. I think I got 12 nuggets for her.”

“Look, I’m a charmer.”

When asked whether they kissed, he said “nah, I kissed a nugget though.”

Anyway, true or not, it’s interesting to note that the Betoota Advocate, beloved satirical news website, was publishing exactly this story in 2015. Maybe we should be taking them more seriously?

You can listen to the full interview where Lambie makes the claims here — the bit about Lambie and Xenophon starts around 30 minutes in. Xenophon’s side of the story is here.


Feature image via Jacqui Lambie on Facebook.