Watch Perth Punters Go Off To A Remix Of Daniel Andrews Talking About Getting On The Beers

"I would rather be dying of starvation in Melbourne stage 17 lockdown [than] be in Perth, tbh", wrote one definitely not depressed Melburnian.

Punters dance to Dan Andrews 'get on the beers' remix at Hot Dub Wine Machine in Perth

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While Melbourne’s just beginning to ease out of its COVID-19 lockdown, over the weekend Perth punters headed to Hot Dub Wine Machine. And one DJ dropped a turbo remix of Victorian premier Dan Andrew’s famous ‘get on the beers’ line, which, as you can see in footage, people absolutely lost their shit to.

The festival — headlined by Hot Dub Time Machine and featuring Bag Raiders, Alice Ivy, Northeast Party House, Young Franco, The Jungle Giants and The Naked And Famous — was held on Saturday at Swan Valley.

Mashdnkutcher didn’t make an appearance, but the duo’s remix of Andrews talking about ‘getting on the beers’ did, as Hot Dub dropped the viral clip during his set.

As you can see in a TikTok posted by punter @golddiggerberg, it was well-received, though a fair few Melburnians were a little upset by the video while doubling-down on how their city is superior, even in stage four lockdowns.

“Noah fence but I would rather be dying of starvation in Melbourne stage 17 lockdown then be in Perth, tbh,” wrote one.

Perhaps the tone stung a little bit too, given the remix mashes up Andrews talking about drinking beers and discussing, back in March, a COVID-19 outbreak at a dinner party which created a cluster of cases.¬† Then again, others can’t wait to dance to it in Melbourne clubs.

Hot Dub Wine Machine’s next stop is Melbourne and Canberra, in March next year. Mashednkutcher is offering their remix for free, if you chuck them a follow on Instagram.