Hannah Gadsby And Ellen Page Are Reimagining ‘Casablanca’ As A Queer Romance

Frankly my dear, I do give a damn.

Hannah Gadsby

Hannah Gadsby is teaming up with Ellen Page for a ‘queer reimagining’ of Casablanca, colour tuning the 1942 black-and-white classic with a rainbow remake.

But don’t expect it to come to a cinema any time soon: the reimagining is a live script reading tonight at Los Angeles’ Ace Theatre (via SBS Sexuality).

The event’s a fundraiser for the Astraea Lesbian Foundation For Justice, an international charity which “raises and distribute funds to programs and initiatives led by and for diverse constituencies”.

Gadsby announced she’d be doing the reading via Instagram, saying it’s her “last performance of the year — possibly ever”, though we’ve heard that one before.

The event is held by Page and Jason Reitman, the director behind Juno and Young Adult. They’ll reportedly be joined by other LBGTIQ actors, including Pose‘s breakout star Indya Moore. “It’s basically the queer lady mafia,” Gadsby said.

It’s been a busy week for the Australian comedian. She’s currently one name in the rumour mill to host the Oscars, and recently had a long, wonderful chat with Roxanne Gay for The Guardian.

If, by chance, you’re in LA tonight, you can buy tickets to the live-read here. If not, let us all imagine how beautiful a queer remake of Casablanca would be with Gadsby as Rick, Page as Victor, and Kirsten Stewart as Ilsa. Frankly my dears, it’d be a box office smash.