Hannah Gadsby And Roxane Gay Just Hung Out, And Yes It’s The Greatest Thing Ever

Just two funny, extraordinary women absolutely nailing it.

Hannah Gadsby and Roxane Gay in conversation is possibly the best thing ever.

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If you’re a fan of Hannah Gadsby, chances are you’re also a fan of Roxane Gay. And if that’s the case, you’ll be thrilled to hear the pair are also fans of each other — just recently, they hung out at Gay’s house to chat about a bit of everything, and it absolutely ruled.

You can read the entire conversation over at The Guardianand it is, undoubtedly, the best thing you’ll read this week: two incredibly talented queer women revelling in each other’s company, complaining about trolls and dickhead men, and celebrating each other’s work.

Over the course of the conversation, the pair discuss the parallels in their careers, and the way the recent successes of Gadsby’s standup comedy show Nanette and Gay’s memoir Hunger have shaped their lives.

They also discuss the way that writing about their own trauma has inevitably meant listening to fans recount their own stories of trauma at signings and events, which takes a toll. As Gadsby puts it, “talking about trauma is exhausting, and other people tend to give their trauma back to you.”

The pair also have a lot of fun in the conversation, which touches on their favourite TV (Law & Order: SVU; the Fast and the Furious films), Gadsby’s thoughts on the nose-related dialogue in A Star Is Born, and the power of being a funny woman.

“The trolls get so incensed by a woman having an opinion or a thought or daring to think she’s funny, which, by the way, I’m very fucking funny, thank you,” says Gay.

“Yeah, I’m nailing it,” Gadsby concurs. They seriously are both nailing it, and it’s a fucking honour to read about them doing it. You can find the full conversation here.