We Regret To Inform You That Groot From ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Is Actually Dead

Baby Groot is his son?


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In a real J.K Rowling move, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn has absolutely broken all of our hearts by confirming that our favourite tree-being, Groot, actually did die at the end of the first film. Yep, it’s canon.

Gunn made the revelation during a Twitter exchange about who to save in a life and death situation — Groot or the delightful porgs from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Porgs, as you may remember, are basically just cute alien birds that live with Luke Skywalker on an island somewhere. As the debate continued, Gunn got continually more frustrated, claiming that as Groot was a thinking, sentient being, and Porgs are just birds, it wasn’t even a fair argument.

But then, someone pointed out that Groot can just grow back, into a smaller, cuter version of himself after death, which is what everyone ASSUMED happened at the end of the first film. And that’s when Gunn destroyed us all, writing:

“First Groot is dead,” he wrote. “Baby Groot is his son.”

The revelation that Groot actually did sacrifice himself makes everything so much sadder and more portentous in the first film. Sure, it’s nice that he managed to use the opportunity to give birth to his own son, but fans of the franchise never really got the opportunity to mourn the lovely plant-man properly.

Gunn absolutely doubled down on this, making sure that there was no room for mistake, confirming that Baby Groot is the name of Groot original’s son, that the baby doesn’t have Adult Groot’s memories, and that it’s “canon AF”.

Apparently James Gunn has actually talked about this in interviews before, but for whatever reason, it was news to most people — and fans began broadcasting their grief.

RIP Groot, long live Baby Groot.