‘Gogglebox’ Stars Roasted Scott Morrison’s ‘ACA’ Interview And It’s Glorious

They're right and they should say it.


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On the most recent episode of Gogglebox Australia, a segment was dedicated to Scott Morrison’s interview on A Current Affair. The now infamous interview sees Morrison in form, dodging accountability for the plight of Brittany Higgins.

Morrison, his government, and colleagues have come under plenty of fire recently for too many controversies to count.

Like the rest of the country, the stars of Gogglebox Australia have had enough of Scott Morrison’s apparent unwillingness to hold himself or his staff accountable for the assault of Brittany Higgins. On the Gogglebox couches, reactions to Morrison’s bumbling interview ranged from wariness to outrage.

“The government has not taken accountability for what’s happened to her,” shouts Gogglebox participant, Anastasia. “You’ve been going around and around in circles.”

When interviewer, Tracey Grimshaw points out to Morrison that Higgins has said, “she was treated like a political problem,” his response is universally condemned by the Gogglebox stars. To Tracey’s comment about Higgin’s words, Morrison replies, “I’ve never looked at it in that way.”

Contestant Anastasia was quick to speak to the core of the collective anger Australian women all feel toward Scott Morrison these days, asking, “How many more times do women have to suffer for someone to get it?”

The clip has been shared multiple times on Twitter, going viral after Leanne Tonkes shared it. Tonkes tweeted that, “Gogglebox is a pretty good litmus test,” for the LNP  to get their heads around what a large proportion of what Australians are thinking.

The segment was also shared by Nick Whigham, editor of Yahoo News. According to Whigham, the clip has collectively been viewed well over half a million times.

Excuse the informality, but all I can say to all of that is, that’s a big mood.