MP Andrew Laming Made To Learn Basic Human Decency

Federal MP Andrew Laming is being sent to empathy training after a series of claims emerged about him trolling women online.

Andrew Laming In Empathy Training

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Federal MP Andrew Laming will start empathy training after years of allegedly trolling, stalking, and harassing women.

The Liberal National Party of Queensland member temporarily stepped down yesterday after multiple allegations emerged last week.

The claims included incidents of Laming hiding in a bush to take photos of a local councillor’s wife in the park, Nine News reported. He had been beefing with her family online for six years.

Laming used Facebook to accuse a second woman of dipping into her homeless charity’s funds — a claim she denies and says left her feeling suicidal.

He’s also believed to have taken a photo of a woman with her underwear unintentionally exposed in her workplace in 2019.

The member for Bowman told ABC Brisbane radio that it was a “completely dignified” shot of her “kneeling in an awkward position and filling a fridge with an impossible amount of stock, which clearly wasn’t going to fit in the fridge.”

Laming was made to apologise in parliament for his string of creepy behaviour last Thursday.

But the keyboard warrior went full takesies-backsies on Messenger afterwards. A leaked DM claimed he didn’t know what he was saying sorry for, chased with a couple of smileys with its tongue stuck out, and a heart-eyed face.

In a recent statement, Laming said a combination of counselling and courses will help him learn “appropriate communication” to become a “better MP” and a “deeper and more empathetic person”.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said that Laming won’t re-contest his seat in the next federal election.

A handful of politicians have called for his immediate, permanent resignation including two members of the Liberal party, Katie Allen, and Sarah Henderson from Victoria.

But giving him the boot would put ScoMo in a prickly position. With maybe-anti-vaxxer Craig Kelly having left for the crossbench in February, losing one more MP would screw up the Coalition’s majority in the Lower House.

Instead, Laming be on extended leave at least until parliament sits again in early May.

It’s the latest in the shitfest shining a light on the Canberra bubble’s contempt for women. Last week we learnt that an unnamed Liberal staffer filmed himself wanking over a female politician’s desk.

Yesterday, ScoMo reshuffled his Cabinet to swap out former Attorney-General Christian Porter after a historical rape allegation from 1988. Linda Reynold was also demoted from her defence portfolio over how she handled Brittany Higgins’ rape allegation two years ago.