People Are Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands And Making New ‘Game of Thrones’ Endings Now

Ever wanted to see 'Game of Thrones' mashed up with 'The Breakfast Club'? Well, you're in luck.

Jon Snow in the finale of Game of Thrones

Last night, the fantasy series Game of Thrones came to its conclusion. You might have heard something about that.

Game of Thrones spoilers follow.

On the whole, the reception to the finale has been rather mixed — which sounds like a bad thing, but is actually reasonably positive when you remember that many fans have taken to the last few episodes of the final season as a duck takes to a lake of fire, which is to say, ‘not very well.’

In fact, some whiny fans have been so disgruntled with how showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have been handling everything — particularly the arcs of their favourite characters — that they are demanding HBO remake the entire final season, a thing that HBO will definitely absolutely do, believe me.

Taking that one step further are the denizens of the internet who have decided to resolve matters themselves, and have created not-so-serious fan edits of the finale in order to shoehorn in their favourite songs, give their favourite characters the send-offs they deserve, and basically take a very grim and portentous fantasy epic and make it gloriously stupid as hell.

These edits feel weirdly like representations of the best elements of fan culture. Rather than piss and moan and start up petitions, fans are instead taking matters into their own hands, placing their tongues firmly in their cheeks, and remixing their own bizarre and beautiful finales. God bless ’em.