We Asked An Expert, And The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Dragons Probably Enjoy Watching Human Sex

The dragons are basically just big, flying, fire-breathing dogs.

Game of Thrones dragons watching Jon and Dany

Not many people would classify Game Of Thrones as a comedy — yet for some reason, episode one of the highly anticipated Season 8 was something of a laugh riot.

In between a whole bunch of portentous reunions, tense meetings and vast troops moments, there were weirdly moments of levity. There was the many creepy faces of Bran, the creepiest teen in all the land. There was the gruesome demise of Ed Sheeran.

And then there was the voyeuristic dragons.

**Mild spoilers follow**

If you have forgotten, Dany and Jon go for a romantic dragon ride, and decide to land at a beautiful frozen waterfall. There’s nothing like some natural scenic beauty that makes a powerful aunt want to bone her handsome nephew, so they decide to get down and dirty in the pristine snow.

However, as Jon notices, the dragons take a lot of interest in the proceedings, and definitely scoot in for a closer look.

A lot of fans have tried to dissect what this means, theorising that the dragons are showing interest as a further sign that confirms Jon’s Targaryen heritage. There’s also a theory put forward by Game of Thrones sound designer Paula Fairfield, who reckons the dragons were actually showing jealousy.

“My story of Drogon is he’s the reincarnation of Khal Drogo, [Dany’s] hot husband from Season 1,” Fairfield said. “That relationship I always have in mind when choosing Drogon’s [sound] palette.”

Therefore, as Dany’s former paramour, he’s actually watching Jon with not a small amount of envy.

It’s really hard to project motive on to a dragon’s face! But I don’t think it’s any of these things — I think it’s far more simple.

Pretty much anyone with a pet knows that this isn’t weird behaviour, especially dog owners. The awkward moment where you bring a hottie home and have to apologise for your weird ass dog sitting at the end of the bed, watching with a disturbing amount of attention is NOT uncommon.

So, Junkee reached out to a pet behaviour consultant Kat Pollock, to try and find out if this theory is correct, and if so, what Dany and Jon can do in the future.

Because what are the dragons if not huge scaled fire breathing dogs?

Is there a specific reason pets watch their owners having sex? What do they get out of it?
I think there are a multitude of reason why pets might watch their owners having sex — they are probably curious or intrigued about the movement, action and different smells (hormones will be increased).
Cats are usually more refined and dignified about their observations, dogs can be much more obvious.

Some dogs get excited/hyped up about the extra exertion going on or may want to get in the thick of things to get all the attention back on them! They’re also probably used to a previously quiet and peaceful place where they are used to snuggling with their owner, suddenly transforming.

It might be a bit of a shock to them.

Professionally, do you think pet dragons would act in the same way as domestic pets?
Professionally, I believe that a pet dragon would be even more loyal and protective then a domestic pet.

They are way more fierce and likely to interfere. You may want to warn your new partner about the consequences or secure them somewhere away from the action!

Is there a way to stop pets watching you having sex?
The easiest way is close the bedroom door! You could train them to wear a blindfold and ear-muffs but that may take some time.

Hmm, not particularly sure that’s going to work for a dragon, but whatever. I guess Dany and Jon might have to try to keep their incest inside ships/castles/ small boxes, like normal people!

Patrick Lenton is the Entertainment Editor at Junkee. He tweets @patricklenton.

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