The #WhyImSingle Tweets That Make Us Say “Same”

Can relate.

Ever get asked why you’re single and your eyes roll so far into the back of your brain you can only assume it causes a coronary embolism? And you realise the only reason you know the term “coronary embolism” is because of Grey’s Anatomy? And that you watch so much Grey’s Anatomy because you’re extremely single?

Look, same.

But being single is nothing to be ashamed of. (Neither is watching Grey’s Anatomy, for that matter.) In fact, being single is awesome, and most single people will take the time to let you know this. But they can’t, of course, because they keep getting asked that stupid question, “Why are you single???” Spare me.

In the lead up to Valentine’s Day, the people of Twitter dot com have banded together to give their brilliant answers to the age old (annoying) question. Here are our favourites below.

We Like To Live In Our Own (Real Or Fictional) World

Our Saturday Nights Are Off The Chain

Add To That A Killer Sense Of Humour

You’ve Pretty Much Got The Whole Package?

In Summary, Single People Are FINE, OK?

People in relationships, make it your resolution to stop asking single people why they’re single. Single people, keep being awesome.

(Lead image: Friends/NBC)