Eminem Has Ripped Into The NRA During A Fiery Live Performance

"They love their guns more than our children."

Eminem has slammed the National Rifle Association during a performance inspired by the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.

The rap icon was performing at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, where he was introduced by Big Sean and Marjory Stoneman Douglas student Alex Moscou. The high schooler drew massive applause after delivering a message on behalf of the #NeverAgain movement ahead of the March for Our Lives demonstration on March 24.

“We’re tired of hearing politicians send their thoughts and prayers to us and doing nothing to make the necessary changes to prevent this tragedy from happening again,” said Moscuo. “School is a place where we should feel safe, and if those elected to represent us won’t do what’s right and keep us safe, then we’re gonna be too loud for them to ignore.”

The pair then welcomed Eminem to the stage to perform ‘Nowhere Fast’ from his recent album Revival, only for the rapper to begin with a new verse expressing his disgust for the NRA.

“Sometimes I don’t know what this world has come to, it’s blowing up / This whole country is going nuts,” he rapped. “The NRA is in our way / They’re responsible for this whole production.”

“They hold the strings, they control the puppets / And they threaten to take away donor bucks so they know the government won’t do nothing / And nobody’s punching, gun owners clutching their loaded weapon / They love their guns more than our children.”

The performance comes after Eminem tore into US President Donald Trump with a fiery freestyle during the BET Hip-Hop Awards back in October.