Azealia Banks Has Apologised To Elon Musk For Helping Him Utterly Implode His Life

Between his likely break up with Grimes and botched attempt to privatise Tesla's, Elon Musk's had a hard couple of weeks.

Azealia Banks

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While last week’s leadership spill was a tiring cacophony of childish behaviour, it has nothing on the Bermuda Triangle of beef between Grimes, Elon Musk and Azealia Banks. But now, it has ended. Maybe.

To recap: two weeks ago, Banks went to Musk’s LA mansion to work on a track with Grimes for Fantasy II: The Second Wave, Banks’ long-promised sophomore mixtape. Things didn’t quite go as planned — according to Banks, Grimes left her alone in the mansion for “days”.

Banks says that instead of recording with her, Grimes was tending to Musk, who was in the middle of an acid-related meltdown after (allegedly) getting high and Tweeting that he’d sell Tesla shares for $420 — which might have broken the law and scared away investors.

Banks also alleged that she was only invited over for “some weird threesome sex shit to begin with”, and proceeded to insult both Grimes and Musk quite a lot.

In the two weeks since this wild weekend, Musk has confirmed that Banks was at the property, but that they did not interact. Grimes has been silent on social media, and Banks has continued to share more details.

Most notably, Banks shared messages between her and Grimes in which they talk about how Russians would want to kill them, how Musk has a big dick, and how Grimes got Musk ‘super into’ weed.

She also alleged Musk had tapped and stolen her phone.

All-in-all, it’s been difficult to follow — The Ringer has mapped out the feud as best it can, but this one’s like a riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a vest.

So, what’s the damage?

Well, Grusk seems to be over: they unfollowed each other on Instagram, and Musk even deleted his account, which from experience is a classic sad boy move. And considering that Tesla is no longer privatising, it seems like Musk’s tweet really screwed things up.

While Banks is thriving — she’s popped out four solid singles this year — she seems to feel bad about the whole thing. She sent Musk an apologetic letter, which, naturally, she shared on Instagram.

She doesn’t refer to Grimes by name in the letter, and also suggests their collab probably isn’t gonna happen. But Banks is open to reconcile with Musk in-person, and says that “in another dimension or on another plane, this interaction happened harmoniously”, which I am 100 percent stealing for the next time I need to apologise to someone.

In the end, though, we’re hoping that this has laid the groundwork for a Beyoncé/Jay-Z/Solange elevator moment, a flash-in-the-pan that inspires a trilogy of interconnected albums. If so, hopefully Musk doesn’t start spitting verses.

Read Banks’ full letter below.

Hi Elon,

I feel terrible about everything.

This is a strange situation to be in, and I’m not sure how to begin this letter. I guess I could start off by apologising for all of the painful events you’ve endured over the past week, as I feel as though my actions have largely exacerbated them.

It’s important you know that I came to your home without a single intention other than finishing a series of tracks with “”, who I’d been in correspondence with since sometime around June and July.

Over the time spent liaising said collaborations, I was welcomed to a lot of personal information about you. The stuff made me feel awkward and uncomfortable about being privy to, yet I never had any intentions of ever using the information against you. What started off as a cat-fight lead to some seriously unexpected consequences and I sincerely apologise.

In addition to the aforementioned “extras,” I’ve also been told you are a fan of my music. For what it’s worth, I don’t believe in coincidence and I’d like to believe, that somewhere in another dimension or on another plane, this interaction happened harmoniously and resulted in positive outcomes for the both of us. This was not how I wanted to say hello.

If you are up for it, I’d like to meet you in person to properly and formally introduce myself to you. After all, we are now the co-stars of pop culture’s latest fan-fiction.

I hope this letter finds you in the best spirits. Wishing you life, luck, love, health peace and prosperity.


Ms. Banks