Elliot Page Confirms His Character In ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Will Be Trans

"Meet Viktor Hargreeves."

elliot page the umbrella academy photo

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Since Elliot Page came out as trans in 2020, speculation has been rife over whether his character in The Umbrella Academy would transition as well. It seems fans finally have an answer.

The award-winning actor posted a new image from the upcoming and much anticipated third season. The image shows Page’s character sitting at a bar and presenting as masculine.

“Meet Viktor Hargreeves,” Page’s caption read. Similarly, the official Netflix account retweeted Page’s post with the caption, “Welcome to the family, Viktor — we’re so happy you’re here.”

Judging from the teaser trailer for Season 3 released earlier this month, Viktor Hargreeves’ transition will happen over the course of the season. In the new trailer, Viktor is still presented as feminine.

The upcoming season began filming in early 2021. When he spoke to TIME about his role in The Umbrella Academy, he said, “I related to how much Vanya was closed off” He went on to say that he was excited to continue playing the character, “I’m really excited to act, now that I’m fully who I am, in this body,” he said.

The Umbrella Academy‘s showrunner Steve Blackman spoke of Page’s demeanour since coming out. “It seems like there’s a tremendous weight off his shoulders, a feeling of comfort. There’s a lightness, a lot more smiling,” he said.

The exact details of The Umbrella Academy‘s 3rd season are being closely guarded. However, the teaser trailer confirmed the series will premiere on Netflix on June 22nd, 2022.

All currently released episodes of The Umbrella Academy are streaming on Netflix.