Is This Giant Lobster The Unsung MVP Of Dua Lipa’s Australian Tour?

Dua Lipa And Her Lobster

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Junkee is calling for a formal investigation into Dua Lipa’s giant mechanical lobster.

The enlarged crustacean had around 2 minutes and 45 seconds in the limelight at Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia tour in Sydney earlier this week. The lobster, at a conservative estimate, looks to be at least 3 metres in length. All this begs the question: why? Why is this giant lobster here?

Well, we have a few theories.

Dua Lipa sings onstage with a giant lobster

The first is that the lobster is an uncredited artist on 3 songs and an on-stage appearance has squashed any ongoing legal proceedings between the pair. 

The second is that this is a nepotism hire, and there’s only so much wiggle room one can give a nepo baby without eyebrows being raised.

The third, and most plausible answer, is that Dua Lipa’s We’re Good’ film clip includes vision of a lobster, who against all odds escapes being boiled alive on a cruise ship and returns to the sea.

Why a song about two people who love each other but just can’t make it work features any kind of lobster narrative arc remains, regrettably, a mystery.

Regardless of the reason, the overly zealous crustation deserved more stage time and given the opportunity, could have been the real MVP of the world tour.  

What is its name? What was the journey from sea to arena world tour? Is it being held by Dua Lipa against its will? Answers we’ll never know. 

All we can say is: justice for Dua Lipa’s giant lobster.