Drunk History Has Hilariously Recreated The Famous Interracial Kiss On ‘Star Trek’

The clip stars Raven-Symoné, so you obviously have to watch it.

It’s widely considered that the first interracial kiss on US television happened in a 1968 episode of Star Trek, between William Shatner and African-American actress Nichelle Nichol. Now, fifty odd years later, that groundbreaking TV moment has been given the Drunk History treatment.

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee comedian Ashley Nicole Black narrates the segment, with the role of Nichelle played by none other than Raven-Symoné. Black not only does very admirable work at drunkenly recounting the story, but also does great job of getting across just how important this moment in TV history is.

The story begins as Nichols is preparing to leave her role as Lieutenant Uhura on the 1960s sci-fi series, only to be talked out of it by the legendary civil rights leader Martin Luther King. (This actually happened.) It also delves in to the story behind her iconic smooch with William Shatner and, if this wasn’t all impressive enough, also touches on Nichelle Nichol’s role in helping drive recruitment of women and people of colour to NASA.

It’s a very funny clip, AND a touching homage to one of the most legendary women of science fiction. Watch it now:

If you’re not familiar with Drunk History, the premise is that comedians and celebrities get absolutely sloshed and try to explain a famous character from history with predictably hilarious results. When it works, it REALLY works, as evidenced by such classics as the wonderfully messy ‘Frederick Douglass’, in which comedian Jen Kirkman drinks two bottles of wine and discusses American history, or ‘Drunk History Christmas’, in which Ryan Gosling does a delightful version of a classic Christmas poem.

The series started as a Funny Or Die webseries, but can now also be found on streaming service Stan.