Here Are All The Best Reactions To Donald Trump Getting Permanently Suspended From Twitter

It's finally happened.

Donald Trump twitter

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Well, it finally happened: outgoing US President Donald Trump has been permanently suspended from Twitter.

The social media platform has been key to Trump’s ascendency from the very beginning. Throughout his 2016 campaign, he used the site to shoot off insults, threats and policy positions. He didn’t slow down tweeting after he won the Presidency, either; he would frequently use the platform to cajole his critics, and drop rambly missives about ‘covfefe’.

He also frequently broke the site’s terms of service, threatening war and violence in a way that the site’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, claimed was enough “in the public interest” to avoid him getting banned.

But this week, Trump finally pushed Dorsey’s public interest defence too far. As protestors marched the Capitol, Trump dropped a video that appeared to many to be inciting further violence. That tweet was pulled, and the site promised further action against him. And then, this morning, it happened: the account got pulled.

Of course, as many on Twitter were quick to point out, this was all a little late.

Elsewhere on the app, more users still were busy turning the dramatic turn of events into meme fodder, imagining hypothetical scenarios in which Trump — and, in fact, the people who spent four years getting famous by snarkily replying to his tweets — tried to reverse the decision one way or another.

Of course, although the Twitter suspension is a pleasant turn of events, it’s not really enough to dismantle Trump’s cultural sway — he will be one of the most influential men in the world even after he stops being President, and news outlets around the world will drop everything to let him speak. A lot more needs to be done in order to reverse the tide of politics, not only in America, but overseas.