Will Davina From ‘Selling Sunset’ Ever Sell Her $75 Million Listing? An Investigation

How are we three seasons in and haven't seen Davina sell a single thing?

davina 75 million listing selling sunset

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If you’ve watched Selling Sunset Season 3, then you know that a major plot point was Davina Potratz and her inability to sell the $75 million listing.

Throughout the series we’ve watched Davina threaten to leave Oppenheim Group — the successful, luxury real-estate brokerage on Sunset Boulevard — to start her own thing because she has a broker’s license.

For any fans of the show, you’ll know these threats have mostly come off the back of Jason constantly advising Davina to drop the overpriced $75 million Beverly Hills listing she begged to take on.

While there’s no denying that the home is beautiful, 1021 North Beverly Drive is just way too over-priced for what it is. As of August 2020, the $75 million home is still listed on the Oppenheim website. With Season 3 being filmed from July last year, this means that it’s been over a year since Davina was given the listing and has still not managed to sell it.

So, will Davina realistically ever sell the $75 million listing? Let’s investigate:

What’s The House History That Adnan Refuses To Share?

Up until now Adnan Sen, the luxury real estate developer who owns the $75 million home, has managed to evade all questions about the property’s history on Selling Sunset. 

The Turkish developer even seemed somewhat offended when Davina and Christine Quinn asked him for more information to help him sell his Coldwater Canyon property. Instead, Adnan urged the girls to focus on what he had managed to build since, and use that to sell it.

Well, turns out Adnan was so adamant about staying silent because he only purchased the land for a measly $5.85 million back in 2013. That means Adnan is trying to sell his home for approximately $70 million more than he paid — and that’s down from the original $100 million he wanted it for.

Sure, the rebuild and finishings were likely a pricey venture but good Lord, $70 million profit is a bit much isn’t it?

Is The House Overpriced?

Yes. 100 per cent. Without a doubt.

Property site Zillow notes that the median house price for Beverly Hills is $3.58 million, with an average price per square foot of $1624. Adnan’s price per square foot is a whopping $4200 — more than double the average for the area.

Adnan’s property may be a seven-bedroom, ten-bathroom mansion on a one acre lot but there’s literally a home with the same specs, which is only a nine minute drive away, going for $14.69 million. Or how about an 11 bed, 18 bath mega-mansion on a 6.78 acre lot going for $32 million just 10 minutes away? All still in Beverly Hills, by the way.

Also let’s not forget that Adnan’s home doesn’t have amazing views nor is it in a secluded area — in fact, it’s right off a busy road. Even Davina herself knows $75 million is too big an asking price, and expressed that numerous times throughout Selling Sunset. 

Jason Oppenheim urged Davina to not take on the listing because being unable to sell it would impact the reputation of the brokerage. Yet, Davina took on the $75 million home as a three-month pocket listing (which obviously didn’t stick) and now the home is still on the market.

VICE actually spoke to a number of luxury realtors about the home, who each believed that the property would be worth more around the $30-$50 million mark — a little under the $60 million Jason advised Davina to list the property for.

But after spending years and millions building the home, Adnan refused to budge or divulge any helpful information, and so the home is still up for grabs.

So, Will Davina Sell The $75 Million Home?

No. Well, at least not for $75 million.

Despite not selling any property on Selling Sunset, Davina is actually one of Oppenheim’s most successful agents. Her profile on the O Group page says that Davina has over a decade of experience in real estate sales and has secured sales “in excess of over half a billion dollars”.

Davina is also a part of the Top Agent Network, a verified online network that consists of the top 10 percent real estate agents in the business. Prior to Selling Sunset, Davina was actually a regular on Million Dollar Listing too, another popular real estate show that focused on expensive, luxury homes.

So Davina knows how to sell — she just doesn’t know how to sell Adnan’s overpriced property, which was something that her boss warned her about when she begged for the listing. But Davina doesn’t care, and calls the listing a “great opportunity” at the very least. And I mean, of course. Anything that gives you an almost two million dollar commission is going to be a “great opportunity”.

Chatting to ScreenRant, Davina reiterated that she feels the listing is overpriced, and shared that she thinks Adnan deep down knows so too.

“Do I know [the listing] is over priced? Absolutely. Is Adnan a really nice guy and not as scary as he seems on the show? A hundred percent,” she explained. “[Adnan] lives at the house. He is not super motivated to sell it. Now with that being said, if he gets an offer at 50 million I think he would consider it.”

“He doesn’t want to admit it to me that ‘yeah, I know maybe 75 is too much,’ but he is not going to say that. No one would. That’s his job,” Davina continued. “He wants to get the most money out of it. I totally get that. But I also know how this works.”

To give Davina a glimmer of hope, Jason did manage to sell his $44 million home (for $35.5 million) during Season 3 — the largest sale the Oppenheim Group has seen, earning Jason a pretty million dollar commission. And since this sale, a $100 million property has booted Davina’s listing as Oppenheim’s most expensive property, so it looks like Jason’s tune on over-priced listings has loosened a little.

But oddly enough, Davina decided to called out Jason for “talking smack” about how her listing is “embarrassing” despite him promoting it as second on the O Group Site, which totally ignores that the properties are displayed by price, not personal preference.

At the end of the day, all of Davina’s critiques totally ignore the very obvious issue at hand: Adnan’s $75 million property is far too overpriced and will not sell until a significant price reduction is put in place. But in Davina’s own favourite words, there’s ~two sides to every story~, so who knows what Adnan’s logic is on this one.

You can watch Davina struggle to sell her $75 million property on Selling Sunset on Netflix.