Ranking The Cast Of Netflix’s ‘Selling Sunset’ From Least Evil To Davina

In conclusion, Davina is the worst.

selling sunset ranking

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If you haven’t yet watched the drama-filled, rich as hell reality series Selling Sunset, then you’re missing out.

While the premise of Netflix’s Selling Sunset looks to be just another House Huntersesque property show, it is so much more than that.

Following the work and personal lives of the rich, wealthy and attractive women of The Oppenheim Group — a high-end real estate brokerage in Los Angeles — the show gets very messy very fast.

Naturally, between the multi-million dollar deals, six figure commissions, designer clothes, high-profile clients, expensive parties, famous spouses, and just more money than anyone should ever see in a lifetime, the Oppenheim girls clash. A lot.

But now three seasons deep, the cast’s true colours between all the expected butting of heads are really starting to show. With even more drama through new spouses, bigger deals, court appointments and a shock divorce all happening in Season 3, it’s now time to rank the cast of Selling Sunset by just how evil they are:

8. Maya

Simply put, Maya is the fucking best.

Beyond just being pregnant all the time, Maya minds her business when she needs to, and gets involved only at the right times. The good thing about Maya is that she voices her opinion (with her great accent) when something bothers her, but never holds a grudge — unlike literally everyone else in the toxic Oppenheim office, which is probably why her skin looks so good at 37.

Splitting her time between Miami and LA, Maya is proof that you can be in real estate industry just for the cash without making the job her entire personality *cough* literally everyone else *cough*.

Plus, she looks like a brunette Gwyneth Paltrow, but without all the Goop stupidity. Iconic.

Evil rating: 0/10

7. Amanza

Amanza is a bad-ass bitch — a constantly late on,e with some sometimes crusty wigs, but a bad bitch nonetheless.

Despite only being part of Selling Sunset for half the time as everyone else, Amanza has solidified herself as one of the most real people in the office, who’ll defend her true friends to the death. Plus, she’s a super mum who’s dealing with being a single parent while balancing the world of real estate and all the snakes in the office.

Amanza has also perfected the fine art of being honest, without being mean — something Miss “Direct” Davina could learn a thing or two about. OK, sure, her bringing up the whole “Christine called Mary a ‘fucking idiot'” drama at Christine’s birthday dinner was a little shitty, but her message was right.

Evil rating: 2/10

6. Chrishell

Man, I feel for Chrishell.

Her bum-ass husband literally dumped her over text, and she STILL went to the wedding of the girl who bullied her for months-on-end over some dumb questions that Mary didn’t even care about. That takes heart.

And if Chrishell has anything, it’s a lot of heart. As a woman who grew up poor and had her own successful acting career before joining the Selling Sunset cast, Chrishell is a lot more grounded that most of the women on the show.

But with that said, I still wouldn’t fully trust Chrishell if I met her in real life. Yes, she’s a great friend to Amanza and Mary, but she does seem to be at the centre at a lot of the Oppenheim group dramas thanks to her big mouth.

Let’s not forget she literally revealed Maya’s first pregnancy to the office because she was “drunk”. I don’t know, you can never fully trust someone who cares so little about news like that.

Evil rating: 4/10

5. Mary

Mary may be the sweetest agent at Oppenheim, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t evil.

Beyond the blatant favouritism from Jason, the problem with Mary is that she’s too nice, so she comes off weak and defenceless to her friends. But to have your two supposed best friends — Amanza and Christine — fighting all your battles for you, but never telling them not to creates unnecessary drama.

By never standing up for herself and always caving whenever there’s drama, Mary leaves the friends that do defend her in a tough position. She’s too easy to forgive and move on because she “doesn’t like conflict”, but no one else thinks like that so tensions remain all because Mary wants to pretend everything’s fine.

But, Mary did sell her wedding venue on the day of her wedding by giving a showing halfway through getting her makeup done, so I must give her props. And even though it’s very weird that her boytoy Romain is only two years older than her son, her husband  is very hot.

Evil rating: 5/10

4. Heather

God, Heather fucking sucks.

She hasn’t done anything wrong per se or been a part of any major dramas, but she’s just bad. She’s always talking about her relationships in the office, then complains that people have opinions about them.

Beyond that, Heather acts like she’s above everyone now because she has ~stepchildren~. Seriously, Heather bitched and moaned for ages that Amanza was late to the showing that she couldn’t do herself because her step-kid — of like three days — was having a birthday party. But then she also complains whenever Amanza has to take time away from work to take care of her kids as a single mother?

It’s just strange that the woman, who would answer FaceTime calls from her overseas boyfriend mid-showing while the client was in the room, could ever have opinions about what is and isn’t professional.

Not to mention, Heather’s vegan storyline sucks. In one episode this season, Heather literally said that she was going to have a “glass of water for lunch” as the girls went out to eat. In another she said, she just “doesn’t get hungry, ever”. I know she’s vegan, but seriously. That’s an eating disorder, love.

Evil rating: 7/10

3. Christine

Christine is so fucking evil, but for some reason I can’t help but love her.

The good thing about Christine is that even though she’s a bitch, she own up to that fact. It’s no justification, but at least the woman can hold herself accountable and apologise for her usually terrible decisions and remarks. Plus, she’s entertaining, and her outfits and outlandish parties make this show what it is.

However, her toxic antics with Davina at the end of this season were simply inexcusable. Trying to defend your friend’s ex-husband during their divorce just because he was nice the one time he said “hello” to you, is just trash ass behaviour. Calling your friends “fucking idiots” in front of LA’s best realtors and possibly ruining a sale for your co-worker is trash ass behaviour. Voluntarily deciding to be close friends with Davina is trash ass behaviour.

Look, I’m just saying that it’s no coincidence that big-shot Christine only had like 80 people at her wedding and no bridal party.

Evil rating: 9/10

2. Literally Anyone Else On This Show Including Adnan, The Man With The $75 Million Listing

Truly anyone that has ever featured on this show, even for a split second, is better than Davina. Yes, even that creepy rich guy that kept trying to hit on Maya in Season 1 and Adnan, who refuses to tell anyone the history of his overpriced multi-million dollar mansion. The history is that he only paid $5.85 million for it, by the way.

Hell, Jason’s ugly, yappy dogs and Christine’s wedding swans are better than Davina. I’d argue Chrishell’s ex husband, Justin Hartley, isn’t even as bad as Davina at this point.

Evil rating: 10/10

1. Davina

Without a shadow of a doubt, Davina is the worst.

She’s a shit-stirrer and mean girl, who hides her terrible personality under the excuse of just being a “direct” person. Sorry, but being a ~direct person~ doesn’t mean you’re immune to getting called out for being shit.

Despite being the one who brought up Mary and Romain’s troubles when Chrishell first joined the team, Davina tried to throw Chrishell under the bus by telling everyone she was talking shit. But Romain warned us all of Davina’s true personality when he adamantly refused to let her attend his wedding. Romain was right, Davina is a snake.

Every argument, every fight, every instance of talking shit, Davina is somehow present in the room and offering her shitty opinion — but poking fun at Chrishell’s fresh divorce by trying to defend Justin Hartley in any way possible? That’s next level, and there’s no wonder why the tarot card reader just called her “weird” with no extra explanation.

Also, she’s just bad at her job? Over the course of Selling Sunset’s three seasons, Davina hasn’t sold a single property despite always claiming she’s the best and has her own broker’s license. Girl, if you have a broker’s license then please do us all a favour and just leave and do your thing without the constant on-screen bullying.

Even when people tried to help her sell her embarrassingly overpriced $75 million dollar property — that everyone told her to not take on and has still yet to sell — Davina decided to lecture Christine for holding a showing for the house instead.

Ugh, please make anything that toxic Davina does make any sense at all. Please.

Evil rating: 1000000000/10

‘Selling Sunset’ Seasons 1, 2 and 3 are currently streaming on Netflix.