Darren Hayes Returns With A Wonderful Verse On Cub Sport’s New Song

"It's been 7 years since I released any music.... When you hear it you'll understand why I couldn't resist. It's transcendent."

Brisbane pop dreamers Cub Sport have enlisted Darren Hayes for their new ode to queer love, ‘I Never Cried So Much In My Life’, marking the first time in seven years the ex-Savage Garden frontman has released music.

The song’s a three-minute ode to frontman Tim Nelson’s gratitude for his life with husband and fellow band member Sam ‘Bolan’ Netterfield — in Nelson’s own words, it’s about “happy crying”.

“I remember being at home and looking over at Bolan, [with our dogs] Miss and Eve on the couch – they all looked so beautiful and happy and I was filled with so much gratitude and happiness and pride for how far we’d come and how many obstacles we’d overcome to get to that point,” Nelson said in a statement.

The song comes after Cub Sport, the band’s third album, was released this January — one which traces Nelson’s journey post coming out, a synth-y affair that acknowledges that self-acceptance isn’t always a linear journey.

‘I Never Cried So Much In My Life’ deviates from Cub Sport’s synth-pop, instead built off a simple guitar progression and drum beat. Hayes comes in towards the song’s end with a wonderful, dreamy verse: in a statement, he says he “burst into tears of joy” when first hearing the track.

“I’ve been of a fan of Cub Sport since I first heard ‘’Come On Mess Me Up’,” he said. “At the time, I didn’t realise they were Australian, let alone from my home town. I just loved the songs, Tim’s voice, the production.”

“When I first I heard the song, it was perfect, and I knew all I had to do was sing the song the way it had been written. That’s how it came about.”

“I’ve never really been someone who works with other artists, nor have I ever really found an artist who I thought made sense with my voice and my writing style, but there was something very magical and serendipitous about my being invited to be a part of this single. It feels like it was meant to be”

Cub Sport are currently on a UK tour, returning later this year for SandTunes, Lost Paradise and Beyond The Valley. And in Savage Garden news, we’re still re-visiting Jack River’s ‘Like A Version’ of ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’, which, now we think about it, has the same energy as ‘I’ve Never Cries So Much In My Whole Life’.

Listen below.