Sex Shop Skyscrapers And Airport Scares: A Very Loose Chat With Cosmo’s Midnight

"It was 13 stories - each one had a different category things."

Cosmo's Midnight photo

Cosmo’s Midnight is a wild band that drops wild music, so it makes perfect sense that the stories that they’d have to tell would be, y’know, wild.

The duo, made up of brothers Cosmo and Patrick Liney, have spent the last seven years changing the shape of electro, mixing up glassy textures with an unabashed sense of fun.

In fact, the pair have a reputation as being something of a party band. They’re one of those acts singularly committed to making you move yourself around, and their debut record What Comes Next is an explosive collection of pure bangers.

So, y’know, when the Lineys tell you a story about the time they strolled into a 16-story sex shop, you sit up and listen. That’s how it went down when Cosmo’s Midnight came to the Music Junkee offices as part of The Artist Alphabet, a video series where we get some of the most exciting names in music to tell some of their most exciting stories.

With their friend and collaborator Matthew Young in tow, the pair talked about their love for Prince, an unfortunate bed-wetting accident and yes, what it’s like to make your way around a giant and intimidating sex shop slap bang in the middle of Japan.

“Japan was like the first country we ever went to overseas,” Patrick explains. “We sang in the centre of Tokyo.”

“We went into a sex shop skyscraper,” Cosmo adds. “It was 13 stories — each one had a different category of…sexy things.”

“Sexy stuff,” Patrick adds, helpfully. “Sexy things.”

Elsewhere in the chat, the pair tell the story of being in an airport while an extremely dangerous amber alert was going off, after it was mistakenly assumed that a shooter was making their way through the airport. “This is just America, right” Cosmo says. “Everyone’s just kinda doing their thing, like, getting Starbucks like it was just another day.”

Watch the whole wild interview here in full: