Listen In Horror At Children Collide’s Story About Having Their Thumbs Sucked By A Fan

Being a rockstar is wild, and sometimes pretty gross.

Children Collide photo

Listen, being a rockstar is wild. Everybody knows that. But did you know it’s “getting your thumbs sucked above Freda’s by a fan” wild? No? Me neither. At least, not until I heard Children Collide go deep on their history as a band — and yep, their experience with thumbsuckers.

See, Melbourne’s Children Collide have been around for some 14 years. During that time, they’ve honed their skills as one of the most essential and urgent pop acts in contemporary Australian music. You just need to hear one second of the snarl of lead singer Johnny Mackay to know that this isn’t a band that mucks around.

Along the way, they’ve collected a bunch of stories. It’s those stories that they’ve now shared as part of┬áMusic Junkee’s new video series, The Artist Alphabet, in which stars spill the beans on their wildest and most memorable experiences, both on the stage and off.

And yep, few stories are as wild as the time that a dedicated follower asked Mackay if she could go to town on his thumbs.

“I was upstairs with my friend Frumi,” Mackay explains. “This girl comes up, and she’s like: ‘You two, it’s such an amazing energy you have, my god … Can I have both of your thumbs? Can I suck your thumbs?'”

Not only that, but according to Mackay, the fan in question was sucking the thumbs with such delight — and with her eyes closed — that she made it look like a “spiritual experience.”

There you have it.

Elsewhere in the video, the band talk about an awkward interaction with Mark Ronson that saw them almost kicked out of a studio, accidentally ragging on Ashton Kutcher while he was standing in the room, and hanging out with Hole star Courtney Love. Watch the whole deliriously messy interview in full below:

Children Collide will play shows in Sydney and Melbourne next week — for all details, head here.