These Clive Palmer Volunteers, Who Definitely Aren’t Paid Actors, Can’t Name Any Of His Policies

They seem really passionate.

Clive Palmer volunteers

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A group of Clive Palmer volunteers, who were definitely real volunteers and not paid actors, have been asked which of Palmer’s policies really attracted them to his campaign. And weirdly, they couldn’t name a single one!

The cringe-worthy moment was captured on video by Cairns Post reporter Chris Calcino, who approached three young people in bright yellow United Australia Party t-shirts who were handing out how-to-vote cards.

“What about Clive Palmer’s policies do you like the best,” Calcino asked.

One of the volunteers laughs awkwardly at the question, while the other two quickly look down and examine the how-to-vote cards in their hands.

“Tax cuts,” one of them eventually replies.

While all three quote unquote volunteers denied Calcino’s suggestion that maybe Palmer had “reached into his pocket” to get people out campaigning for him, the Post later reported that Palmer had engaged the services of Platinum Model Management Australia, and that at least one of the volunteers filmed by Calcino was represented by the agency.

Still, at least these guys did better than the United Australia Party volunteer in Sydney who was fined by police for exposing himself.

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