John Oliver Roasted The Shit Out Of Clive Palmer On ‘Last Week Tonight’

He described Palmer as "pretty Trumpy".

John Oliver tears into Clive Palmer on Last Week Tonight

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Last Week Tonight host John Oliver has once again set his sights on the bizarre world of Australian politics. The man in his cross hairs this time? United Australia Party leader Clive Palmer.

After providing a brief wrap of the seemingly endless number of scandals that have dominated the election campaign (including giving a shout out to Steve “Sexual Harassment Dundee” Dickson), Oliver honed in on Palmer, whose behaviour he describes as “pretty Trumpy”.

“Arrogance, check. Red tie, check. He even has billboards with his campaign slogan Make Australia Great,” says Oliver, before joking about the fact that Palmer has left off the word “again”.

“Let’s not rewrite history here,” Oliver declares in his worst Australian accent. “We are and have always been a big baking rock full of impossibly huge spiders, we’re just looking to go up from here. Make Australia great for the first time!”

You can watch Oliver’s segment on the Australian election at the 1:15 mark in the video below.