There Are Protests All Around Australia Today, Calling For Scott Morrison To Be Sacked

"We refuse to watch while the government's negligence allows this crisis to continue without real action."

Scott Morrison Climate Strike

Get your placards back out — climate protests are taking place across Australia again today.

It’s the latest climate protest to be organised by Uni Students For Climate Action, with one key difference — this time they’re calling for our Prime Minister to be sacked.

Information on the rallies is trending under the #SackScoMo hashtag, with thousands of people expected to march across Australia this afternoon.

However, there were calls for the Victorian protests to be cancelled due to today’s high fire danger across the state.

Police asked organisers to reconsider, saying it would stretch police resources at a time when they’re trying to focus on the bushfire response.

“I don’t disagree with them on a range of different points they’d make,” Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said of the protestors.

“But I tell you what, you lose me and you lose a lot of other fair-minded Victorians who believe in climate change when you have a protest, when you’ve been told point-blank you are diverting police resources.”

Uni Students For Climate Justice released a lengthy statement saying the protests would definitely go ahead.

“By pressuring us to call off the rally, Victoria Police, the mainstream media, and the state government are trying to paint ordinary people — who are fed up with their lies, theft and criminal negligence — as being a drain on emergency services. This is patently untrue,” they wrote.

“It’s state and federal governments around the country who have defunded fire-fighting services, funnelled wealth into fossil fuel subsidies and left rural health services deprived.”

Protests are taking place in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Newcastle, Geelong and Port Macquarie.

If you can’t join in, please consider donating to a bushfire relief organisation to support the affected communities. You can find a list here.