Scott Morrison Is Thankful That No One Died In A Fire In Which Two People Died

The insensitive flub happened while talking to Kangaroo Island locals.

Scott Morrison holiday

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A visit to Kangaroo Island yesterday has ended with our Prime Minister telling the community — where two people died over the weekend — they’re lucky they’ve haven’t lost anyone.

“Thankfully we’ve had no loss of life” he said to locals, before someone quickly reminded him that, in fact, they’ve lost two people.

He quickly backtracked and tried to cover himself by claiming, “I was thinking about firefighters firstly”.

Because … people who aren’t firefighters don’t count???

The bodies of 78-year-old Dick Lang and his 43-year-old son, surgeon Clayton Lang, were found on Saturday. Their car was trapped by flames as they tried to return to their property after fighting fires nearby.

Dick and Clayton are two of the 25 people who have died in the Australian bushfires.

Predictably, the astounding ignorance/ incompetence/ incomprehension from our Prime Minister has infuriated people.

It’s the latest gaffe in a long line of gaffes for Scott Morrison.

Highlights include his Hawaiian holiday, insisting the fires were a problem for the state governments to handle, refusing to meet with former fire chiefs who warned him of the impending disaster, denying the role of climate change, blindsiding the fire commissioner by sending in ADF reserves, releasing an ad praising the government response, and his constant need to shake hands with people who obviously don’t want their hands shaken.

Whoever is advising this man, get him some better notes.