Please Enjoy This Journalist Ripping Conservative Media A New One

"If they don't like that, then they can come after me."


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Channel Nine’s chief political correspondent Chris Uhlmann has absolutely ripped into conservative media outlets News Corp, Sky News and radio station 2GB for their role in the current leadership crisis engulfing Canberra.

Uhlmann has accused high profile employees of those organisations of becoming players in the leadership tussle between Malcolm Turnbull and Peter Dutton, saying that if they want to get involved in the drama, then he has a duty to report on them.

It follows another night of incredibly messy drama that was kicked off by a tweet by broadcaster Alan Jones, who suggested a second partyroom meeting was going to be called last night. It wasn’t.

It was just the latest example of media outlets openly campaigning against Turnbull, who they have long despised.

In the glorious rant, Uhlmann called the outlets “bullies” who had “crossed the line”. It’s not the first time Uhlmann has delivered a scathing editorial. Last year he went viral following an anti-Trump rant when he worked at the ABC.

Watch the whole thing here:

Here’s The Editorial In Full:

“I should make this point at the moment. Unfortunately, the people in the media who yell the loudest seem to have the biggest glass jaws when you point this out. But everyone from the Prime Minister on down has pointed out to me that they believe that there is a campaign being waged against them. And so this is reporting news, right. This is what people are telling me about what’s going on.

“News Corporation, so we are talking about The Australian, Daily Telegraph and all of those tabloids newspapers around the country, 2GB in Sydney, led by Alan Jones and Ray Hadley, and Sky News in particular with its evening line-up, are waging a war against the Prime Minister of Australia.

“Now, that is what they think. This is just reporting the news. Apparently if you say that to them now, they get their nickers in a huge twist. Now, if they want to be players in this game, which is apparently what they are, and they are working behind the scenes as well as in front of the scenes, if they are making phone calls to people, trying to push people over the line, they’re part of this story. 

“So all I’m saying is if they want to dish it out, they should be prepared to take it and they are among the biggest bullies in the land and it is about time that people call them out for what they are. If they don’t like that, then they can come after me.

“Because, look, people have to see this for what this is. As I say, there are a lot of hands in this game at the moment. You are asking me who is talking toPeter Dutton. There are a lost people inside his party. Who is talking to him in outside his party at the moment? Who outside his party, who are influential figures in Australia, is talking to Peter Dutton and telling him what they believe that he should do today?

“Because they are not just commentators. They are players. They have crossed the line. That needs to be pointed out because people need to know everyone who is involved in this today because it is the Australian country that’s at stake here. We have a paralysed government. A government that is unable, at the moment, to be able to progress any of its policies through through its party room or parliament. So it can’t do the things for Australia that need to be done.

“Now, all of the people who are involved in bringing us to this point need to be held to account and at least be out in the open. Like I say, they can blow on as much as they like on their programs. They can talk about it as much as they like. But when they cross that line to want to be players in the game, to help to feed this and they were feeding it last night, then they’re part of the story, aren’t they.”