Childish Gambino’s ‘Redbone’ Is Twitter’s New Favourite Meme

This is what the internet was made for.

Quick question: have you ever wondered what Childish Gambino’s ‘Redbone’ would sound like if it was recorded in the middle of Gordon Ramsay’s Hells Kitchen? Or how it would sound while you were, say, hiding in the bathroom during a bank robbery?

That’s essentially the premise for Twitter’s best/dumbest new meme, which reworks the Donald Glover jam to fit any and every ridiculous situation.

For instance, there’s “What ‘Redbone’ would sound like while you’re making out in the bathroom of a house party” right through to “This is what ‘Redbone’ sounds like when you’re cleaning on the weekends in a Mexican household” and our personal favourite, “what ‘Redbone’ would sound like in the bathroom of a house party when you realise you got eleven chicken nuggets instead of ten”.

This is what the internet was made for: