Ariana, Miley And Lana’s ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Theme Song Is Here, And We’re Not Sure How We Feel


Miley Cyrus Lana Del Rey Ariana Grande charlie's angels

Back in June, we got our first look at the upcoming reboot of Charlie’s Angels, starring Elizabeth Banks, Patrick Stewart, and an overwhelmingly gay Kristen Stewart.

Apart from learning that every queer person would need a public holiday to recover from watching the film, we also learned that Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, and Lana Del Rey would be linking up for the soundtrack. The three names together raised some eyebrows — how could Lana’s breathy drawl work alongside Miley’s country twang? Would Ariana just be left ‘uh ahhhing’ in the background?

Well, the track has now landed, and it’s…quite a lot. ‘Don’t Call Me Angel’ is, essentially, an Ariana track, with Miley and Lana as supporting players. In terms of imagery, it’s predictably OTT: Miley beats up a man tied to a chair, Lana launches some helicopters into the sky, they all shovel spaghetti in their mouths. It’s all a little bit ridiculous, but hey — it’s kind of a bop??

Listen to the track and watch the trailer below. Charlie’s Angels is in Australian cinemas November 14, 2019.